Two New Books to Gift

Did you see my first ever holiday gift guide earlier this week? Or maybe you saw this list I published earlier this year of beautiful books to gift? Today, I’m sharing two new books that would make delightful gifts for children and teachers in your lives! Both published in September 2020, our younger daughter received these for her birthday in September, and I knew immediately I needed to share them with you at some point! Read on for a little more information about The B On Your Thumb: 60 Poems to Boost Reading and Spelling and Wild Symphony!

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English is tricky. It just is. So many of our spelling “rules” only work about half the time, and so many of our words just don’t make sense… Such as “thumb.” Why on earth is there a “b” on the end of that word? For your budding writer or elementary teacher, check out The B On Your Thumb: 60 Poems to Boost Reading and Spelling, by Colette Hiller and Tor Freeman. No, unfortunately, this darling book doesn’t answer the questions like why on earth “thumb” has a “b” in it, but it does give students and children neat ways to remember these some spelling rules and some spelling exceptions. Divided into four sections covering Sounds, Silent Letters and Secrets, Spellings, and Words that Sound the Same, teachers and students alike are bound to giggle while also learning something new! My well-read, spelling guru of a father gave this to our younger daughter for her birthday.

And, did you know that long before Dan Brown (of The Da Vinci Code fame) was an author, he was a musician and a composer? I certainly didn’t! But then, my grandmother (who happens to be an AVID reader and gives wonderful book gifts) gave our daughter Wild Symphony for her birthday… At first, I was just extremely impressed with this well-done music book. Maestro Mouse takes readers through a nature symphony, where various animals greet the reader with a poem that matches the animals personalities or sounds. Then, we discovered that you can download the app and listen to various excerpts of songs that go with each poem. And, because the music is coming through an app rather than a tiny speaker on the book, the quality is top-notch. Both of our girls loved every single song and read through the book multiple times together, dancing to the tunes. When I finally got the book back from them and read the note from Dan Brown himself, I realized he had written the whole symphony of tunes himself! Who knew?

Looking for a book to get a special child or teacher? Definitely check out The B On Your Thumb and Wild Symphony this year!

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