One Red Sock by Jennifer Sattler

You all may have noticed that my grandmother gifts the girls absolutely delightful books for their birthdays and Christmas (see my review of Sisters: Venus and Serena Williams for one example of a book we love that she gave us). When our younger daughter turned four in September, my grandmother sent her a wonderful choice in One Red Sock, even pairing it with some red socks! One Red Sock, written and illustrated by Jennifer Sattler packs a laugh-inducing punch while reinforcing color concepts for younger audiences and leaving older audiences with a strong life lesson.


At its surface, One Red Sock is the story of a cute little purple hippopotamus getting dressed. She really, really wants to wear her red socks, but she can only find one. Heart set on matching apparel, hippo searches her entire room, but to no avail. Her polka-dotted walls, facial expressions, and general mess are bound to make you laugh right along with your children as you watch your hippo friend try to sort out her attire.


Publishers suggest that this book will resonate with children ages 0-4. And they’re right! Written in predictable and precise rhyme, younger audiences will love “reading” this along with you. Along the way, their color concepts will be strengthened without them even realizing they’re learning!


However, One Red Sock also leaves older readers with valuable takeaways, too! Do your clothes have to match perfectly? Does your appearance always have to be perfect? Or might it be better if you choose clothes that reflect your true self and personality? You can also have conversations about remaining positive when things don’t go how you planned and persevering through frustration. Oh, and don’t forget the importance of keeping one’s room clean to make it easier to find what you’re looking for! Be sure to check out Sattler’s note at the end about enduring despite imperfection.

But, you need to know the best parts of this gift! My grandmother chose One Red Sock without knowing that it had been in my Amazon wishlist for months, AND without knowing that my younger daughter’s most prized possession is a purple hippopotamus blanket! I’m telling you, this woman has amazing taste in books!

Have your children ever received a gift that has been this surprisingly spot-on?


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