Little Mole’s Christmas Gift by Glenys Nellist, plus an Instagram Giveaway!

Do you all remember when I reviewed Little Mole Finds Hope back in February? If not, be sure to scroll back in my feed and check that post out! And if so, get excited, because Little Mole is back for a Christmas adventure, and I’ve got a copy of this delightful new book to give to one of you! Read on to see a little about the book and how to enter the giveaway.

Do you love Christmas books that focus on giving rather than getting? You know we’ve been talking about generosity in our house this month, and Little Mole’s Christmas Gift by Glenys Nellist is bound to help your little ones think deeply about what they can give to others.

Little Mole has found the perfect gift for his mom: the biggest, most beautiful mushroom in the woods. He heads out one day to pick it, but on his way home to wrap it up, he runs into one friend in need after another. One friend is hungry, one friend is tired, and yet another needs to make a long trek in the snow. Though it’s never an easy decision, each time, Little Mole responds with generosity, sharing some of the beautiful mushroom… Until all he has left is a stump!

Dispirited, Little Mole wraps up what is left of the mushroom for Mama, but “it wasn’t the big gift he’d hoped for.” Upon recounting his mushroom adventure to Mama, it turns out that Little Mole has given his Mama an even better gift without realizing it!

Have I sold you on Little Mole’s Christmas Gift yet? If so, be sure to visit my Instagram post to enter the giveaway for a chance to win your own copy!

If you’d rather simply purchase your own copy (books make wonderful gifts!), you can use the buttons below to purchase. Baker Book House even has signed copies!

And if you’re interested in some activities for your children to do this holiday season, click here for a Little Mole’s Christmas Gift activity pack!

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