Little Mole Finds Hope by Glenys Nellist, PLUS an Instagram Giveaway!

Do you ever wish you had better strategies for helping your children when they’re sad, for supporting them through more difficult emotions? We all know it’s a whole lot easier to tell a child (or an adult, for that matter…), “Oh, don’t worry, it’ll be all right,” or “Oh, you’re okay,” and then assume that the child is ready to move on with us, but we also know that doesn’t usually help… at all. Fortunately, Glenys Nellist has given anyone who works with, loves, and supports children a gift and guide through Little Mole Finds Hope. Continue reading to see what makes this book stand out, as well as how you can enter to win your own copy!

Little Mole Finds Hope gets right to the heart of the story with the very first sentence: “Little Mole was sad.” So sad, in fact, that he didn’t feel good inside. But does Mama Mole hug him and tell him “It’ll be okay”? Not at all! In fact, Mama gives Little Mole a very practical strategy that he can implement himself any time he feels sad: he can find hope.

When Mama takes Little Mole outside to walk around and look closely at the world, Little Mole realizes that hope is, indeed, all around, if only he takes the time to notice it for what it is. Hope is in the dormant bulb, waiting to become a daffodil. Hope is the resting tree, gathering strength to grow leaves and flowers. Hope is the chrysalis protecting the growing butterfly until it is ready to fly on its own, and so much more. Nellist’s words are terrific reminders for us all, calling us to stop, notice, and name the hope of things to come for what they are: hopeful!


Sally Garland’s illustrations are perfectly matched to Nellist’s story. Starting in mostly shades of grey, the tones of the illustrations change over the course of the story, as Mole’s understanding of sadness and hope progress. And, how cute are Little Mole and his Mama? May we all have someone to love and guide us as gently as Mama guides Little Mole!

Be sure to take time reading through the “Discussion Guide for Caregivers” that Nellist includes in the back. She’s not only included great questions to ask about the story, but also has tips for caregivers to help children when they are sad.


Whether walking through dark and sad seasons, or simply feeling sad one day, Little Mole Finds Hope will provide just the insight and inspiration to parents, teachers, and caregivers to walk with their children through those seasons or days!

Are you excited about this book yet? If so, hop over to my Instagram page for a chance to win your own copy! If you don’t win a copy of Little Mole Finds Hope this week, be sure to stop by Christie Thomas’s website next week, as she’ll have another chance for a lucky reader to win a copy of his or her own!

A big thank you to Beaming Books (the publishers of The Boy with Big Big Feelings, which I reviewed here a few weeks ago if you missed it!) for sharing this book with our family in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions of this book are my own. You can also read my thoughts on more books by Glenys Nellist here, here, and here.

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