Boxitects by Kim Smith

Do you have a child who loves to tinker, create, and build? Or, are you looking for ways to inspire your children to upcycle all the boxes from online purchases from the last few months? Surely we’re not the only ones with a gigantic stack of cardboard boxes at any given time these days… Either way, you’re going to want to check out Boxitects by Kim Smith for your builders or builders-to-be, as it’s fully of both creative and teamwork inspiration!

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Meet Meg, a “boxitect.” Yes, that’s right, a boxitect, as in one who loves “to make things out of boxes.” In fact, she loves her cardboard creations so mucht hat her mom enrolls her in Maker School, where she’ll create with makers of all kinds. As the only boxitect in her class, she feels pretty darn special and learns to build useful, strong, and beautiful structures… Until Simone, another boxitect, shows up. From the first moment in class together, Meg and Simone feel a strong rivarly, pointing out flaws in each other’s creations. Then comes the Maker Match, a competition to build the most amazing thing with only one rule — you had to work with your team of like-minded builders, so Meg and Simone are forced to work together. Will they be able to cooperate enough to have a structure for the contest? You’ll have to wait and see!

Y’all, Boxitects has just about everything one might hope for! From the diverse characters, to girls in STEM, to creative inspiration out the wazoo, to important teamwork and collaboration messages, to the bright and inviting illustrations, you are going to love this book. And, to add to that list, be sure to check out the end matter, as Smith also includes terrific information about cardboard, boxitects, and building your own Boxitect Castle!

Yes, I’ve added Boxitects to my list of fantastic reads to build teamwork and cooperation skills! It’ll also be featured on my 90 Books for 90 Days of Summer booklist, so stay tuned for that in a few weeks! (You can see last summer’s 90 Books for 90 Days booklist here!). And yes, that is a cage that our younger daughter made to put her Kiwi Co Koala Crate snake in!

If you liked the sound of Boxitects, you can use the affiliate links below to purchase, or track it down from your local library (if they’re open…).

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