Reader Poll!

Okay, all, I need your input! I’m working on my favorite booklist of the year —  my 2020 90 Books for 90 Days of Summer booklist! And, I need your help… I’ve got a massive list of finalists (WAY more than 90, because it’s just so hard to narrow it down!), but I want to make sure that this list is extremely easy for you all to use.

I’m not sure about where you live, but it sounds like our libraries will still be closed for a while longer. So, for my 2020 summer picture book list, I’m trying hard to use books that many of you might already have on your shelves. I currently have 148 possibilities on my list. All 148 of them are books we own and love (we might have a book problem… And by we, I clearly mean I…), and none of them were on the 2019 90 Books for 90 Days of Summer booklist. I want the list to be full of a wide array of fun, meaningful, or informative picture books, but I also want to make sure it’s easy for you to get your hands on these books if your libraries stay closed.

So here’s where you come in! What picture book(s) are you and your children currently loving that you own? If you could contribute one book title to my 2020 list of 90 picture books to read over the course of the summer, what would it be?

Please leave your title in the comments below. Maybe your suggestion will make it onto my list! Thanks in advance for your help.

For inspiration, be sure to check out last summer’s 90 Books for 90 Days of Summer booklist!

7 thoughts on “Reader Poll!

  1. Hello from Tokyo! We love “Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor: The Woman Who Loved Reptiles” by Patricia Valdez. Looking forward to reading your list!


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