Brain Games Sticker Puzzles

Okay, all, if you’ve been around for a few months, you’ve likely read about our girls’ obsession with the Workman Publishing Paint by Sticker Kids books. While we still love them, of course, I recently discovered a sticker puzzle mosaic series — Brain Games Sticker by Number/Letter books, by Publications International!

I initially ordered two Sticker by Letter: Playful Pets kids’ activity books for a cross-country spring break flight, but decided to save them once our travels were cancelled due to sheltering-in-place… And admittedly, the only reason I ordered these instead of our go-to Paint by Sticker Kids books is that my girls have done the whole Paint by Sticker series more than once!


And I am so glad I got some diversity in our sticker puzzle mosaic repertoire! Whereas the Paint by Sticker Kids books require children to match stickers by number, shape, and color, the Brain Games sticker books allow children to match by letter OR number, depending on the chosen book. Our Playful Pets sticker books are “Sticker by Letter” books, which is perfect for our 4.5-year-old as she solidifies her letter recognition (though, admittedly, she does most of the puzzles simply by matching the shapes and disregards most of the letters…). Having yet another fun, casual way to chat about letters and their sounds is just what we need right now!

Worth noting — the “Sticker by Letter” puzzle books say they are for ages 7 and up, but our 4.5 year old completed a whole book with very little help. We haven’t done any of the Brain Games “Sticker by Number” books; some are laid out in a grid and appear to be targetting younger children, while others in the series target older children and adults, so choose wisely!

Now that we’ve done Sticker by Letter: Playful Pets, I’ve got my eye on Sticker by Number: Under the SeaSticker by Letter: Totally Cool!and Sticker by Letter: Monsters.

Have your children done any of these sticker puzzle mosaic books? Which ones do you love?

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