My Year in Review, and Looking to 2020

This website has been live for a little over 13 months now, and it’s been quite a journey to learn how to run a website! This will be my last post till the girls go back to school in 2020, and I wanted to do a quick wrap-up of 2019, as well as give you a sneak peek of what will be happening with Children’s Lit Love content in 2020!

I finally figured out how to (mostly) work my way around the analytics for my site, so I pulled my most-read posts of 2020. Be sure to click on the links below if you missed any of this information!

Most Read Posts on Children’s Lit Love in 2019

  1. 90 Books for 90 Days of Summer!
  2. The “Monster” series by Amanda Noll
  3. The Importance of Front-Facing Books —  and How to Display Them
  4. 25 Christmas Books for 2019
  5. The Benefits of “Page-Turn Wait Time”
  6. Books for Fostering Kindness and Empathy
  7. The Poppy Music Series by Magali Le Huche
  8. Literacy Sensory Bins
  9. Books to Foster Thankfulness and Gratitude Year-Round
  10. Our 25(ish) Favorite Christmas Books (2018) 

Pop over to my Instagram page for a quick glimpse at my most popular posts over there (hint– they’re not the same!).

Then, get excited for 2020! In thinking about how we want to help our children grow this year, we have decided to focus family conversations, meetings, read alouds, and more on 12 character traits in 2020, one for each month. We’ll start the year off focusing on developing a growth mindset, and other traits we’ll hit on include honesty, creativity, resilience, and inclusivity.

As a way to connect my Children’s Lit Love work to our family’s goals, I’ll publish a booklist at the beginning of each month, centered around the character trait theme for that month. Most of my posts throughout that month, then, will be specific book recommendations, conversations we’re having, or activities that we’re doing around that specific trait.

I do hope that you and your family will play along with us! Though we have already chosen 12 traits, I’m not going to publish them in advance, as we want the flexibility to change things up depending what our girls need at any given time. So, to that end, what trait-focused booklists would you like to see in 2020?

Have a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year, and I’ll see you in 2020!

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