An Amazing Giveaway Happening on Instagram!

This fall, I had the honor of being a member of the third annual Bookstagram Choice Awards, where I was tasked with choosing the best wordless picture book published in 2019. And today, I’m wrapping up the Bookstagram Choice Award season with an amazing loop giveaway happening on Instagram! Pop over to my most recent post to see the collection of five awesome books you have a chance to win if you participate!

Then, continue reading to see which book I choose as the best wordless picture book of 2019!

Many people believe that the best picture books are those that both children AND adults love the story AND the illustrations, love them enough to want to reread them over and over again. While I fully believe that, I also believe that the best picture books are unpredictable… They take a reader by surprise, either with a plot twist or an ending that the audience doesn’t see coming. Then, throw in the fact that the book is wordless, yet somehow immaculately tells a story through the pictures? You’ve got a winning combination in my mind!

2019 brought us many wonderful wordless wonders! So how does Spencer’s New Pet by Jessie Sima stand out from other wordless picture books published this year? Spencer’s New Pet hits all the criteria states above. This has been a repeat winner in our house since we first read it this fall, and each time we read it, both my girls and I pick up on new details that might clue us in to the surprise. Without using words, Sima manages to take her readers through the gamut of emotions and surprise them in the end, leaving them aching to go back again and again, rereading and looking for clues that lead to the ending. AND, Spencer’s New Pet has stunning old-fashioned illustrations done in shades of grey like an old silent movie.

So what is this wordless beauty about? Spencer’s New Pet is a delightful story of friendship and love, of protection, fear, and worry. Children relate to the emotions of the main characters and the relationship between boy and pet, as well as the joy of having a new friend, even one made out of balloons. Reviewing this book in full presents tricky challenges, as I want to be sure to keep the twist a surprise, but trust me — this one will literally blow you away!

Remember to head over to Instagram for your chance to enter the amazing giveaway!

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