The Wonder That is You by Glenys Nellist, Plus Another Instagram Giveaway!

If you’re like me, you have go-to books that you like to give as baby shower gifts. I’m guessing you all know and love sweet books that welcome babies into families (I’m talking about the ones that make new parents tear up…), like Two Hands to Love You, On the Night You Were Born, Guess How Much I Love You, or Love You Forever. In fact, I’m so routine about the books I give to new families that I did a whole post about my two favorite books to give to new parents last fall (hint — I have mentioned either one of them yet!).

But do you feel like you’re in a baby shower book rut? Or, do you struggle to know what book to get parents when their second (or third, fourth, or fifth…) child is born and you know they’ve already got all the best books for new parents? Then have no fear — Glenys Nellist’s new book, The Wonder That is Youmakes a perfect gift for new parents!

Inspired by the birth of Glenys’s eldest son, The Wonder That is You is touching, tender, and beautiful story of welcoming a child into a family, but not saccarine or sappy in the least. She writes from her heart, that much is obvious, as this book embodies the emotions that parents can feel that moment they meet their child for the first time. And, check out Aurelie Blanz’s illustrations! Soft and sweet, yet colorful and vibrant — all also words that we hope can apply to our relationships with our children.

Just as important, though, this book about babies joining families both is diverse and widely appealing. Blanz illustrated the parents and children depicted in The Wonder That is You in a wide variety of skin tones and hair color. Similarly, though many of the babies shown are illustrated as infants, Blanz paints some as older babies, and even one that appears to be to be a toddler. Additionally, Glenys’s emphasis on “the day your life began, “the day you arrived,” and babies being the ones that mothers are “meant to hold” make this book more applicable to adoptive families than many other “new baby” books are.  Though I first discovered Glenys through her faith-based picture books (we have a few books from her Love Letters from God series), The Wonder That is You is secular, allowing a wider audience to connect with the story.

So, are you a parent or grandparent looking for a touching book to read with your children/grandchildren? Do you know parents and grandparents who need this book in their lives? Maybe you might be a parent or grandparent one day, or know people who might be parents or grandparents one day. Or maybe you’re like us and your kids are slightly past the stage where you can rock and read them to sleep while enjoying a good tug at your heartstrings via picture book, but you still love those books anyway. The Wonder That is You is perfect for all of the above. Just trust me!

Now that I’ve got you interested, Glenys and Zonderkidz have one to give away to a lucky follower! Hop over to my Instagram page to check out the giveaway. This giveaway is sponsored by the publisher, Zonderkidz. Entrants must live in the USA with a physical street address (no PO boxes.). 

If you’re interested in buying a copy or five, you can find it on Amazon and IndieBound. For more information about Glenys and her wonderful books, check out her website. You may recognize some of my other favorite books from Glenys, such as ‘Twas the Evening of Christmas and Good News! It’s Easter! And if you’re unlucky in my giveaway, Vanessa Myers will have another chance for you to win, coming next week!

4 thoughts on “The Wonder That is You by Glenys Nellist, Plus Another Instagram Giveaway!

  1. Mary, this is the most wonderful review ever! I am so grateful to you! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the book and for all your encouragement to me.


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