If I Built a School by Chris Van Dusen

It’s no secret that we LOVE Chris Van Dusen around here! In fact, we love him so much that I pre-ordered If I Built a School the day I heard it was being published, and I try really, really hard not to buy books until I’ve seen them in person. But, I believed it wouldn’t disappoint, and I was right!

Our copy of If I Built a School arrived yesterday, and we’ve read it at least 11 times already. We read it twice just this morning over breakfast, and followed it with If I Built a House just to round it out. The girls then asked for big pieces of paper to design their own schools and houses, so I happily obliged!


In typical Chris Van Dusen fashion, If I Built a School is terrifically written to read aloud. The rhythm and rhyme are perfect, and just like the other two books in his “If I Built…” series (house and car), they’re full of imagination and fun.

And yes, Mr. Magee and his little dog Dee are hiding in these illustrations… My younger was the first to spot them!

I’ll be adding this to my list of great books for the first day of school as soon as I have a chance. If you need to lighten up your kiddos’ back-to-school experiences, or want to inspire creativity, or just want a fun book to read any time of year, be sure to check out If I Built a School, released yesterday!


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Have your kids gone back to school yet? If not, when do they start? We’ve still got a few more weeks!

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