An Honest Review of Literati Kids Book Clubs — Round 3

Have you followed along in my reviews of Literati Kids book boxes? I used my first two reviews to focus on the content of the boxes (5 books PLUS book-related goodies), their “try-before-you-buy” policy, and the ease of returns. Today, I’m sharing two last important and unique features of Literati Kids for you — the price points of the books included, as well as the option to donate used books to readers in need.

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As stated above, with each Literati Kids box, you’ll receive 5 books (plus additional book-related goodies… the personalized nameplates continue to be HUGE hits in our house!). You only have to pay for what you decide to keep, which I think is a really wonderful benefit of this subscription box company. But, how do those prices look? Each box also includes a price page, which shows each book’s retail price, Amazon price, and Literati Club price. In our most recent box, the Literati Club prices ranged from $0.10-$5.19 cheaper than the retail price, and were all cheaper than the Amazon prices as well. If you keep all 5 books, you get an additional 5% off.

While you might decide to use your shipping box to return books you decide not to keep, you can also use it to donate used books! Literati will take up to 5 donated books per box, gift wrap them for you, and give them to young readers most in need of support. So, not only does Literati let you only keep books you love to have in your house, they’ll also let you get rid of books that you no longer want in your house! We decided to only keep two books in this last box (Frankie Sparks and the Class Pet and The 50 States Activity Book), but Literati made it so easy to return the others AND donate 5 books we no longer use or need in our house!

We have thoroughly enjoyed this 3-month partnership with Literati Kids, exploring all they have to offer and gaining an understanding of what sets them apart from other children’s book subscription boxes. Many many thanks to @literatikids for sharing these boxes with our family in exchange for honest reviews. If you’re interested in trying Literati, you can click here for 25% off your first box! (If that link doesn’t work, copy and paste this in your browser:

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