Bedtime on Noah’s Ark by Brock Eastman and Declan Eastman

Okay, everyone, I have an extremely delightful bedtime board book for you today, and to make it even more lovely, Bedtime on Noah’s Ark was written by a father/son duo, Brock and Declan Eastman! Read on to learn a little about their inspiring book.

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Many of you are likely familiar with the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark, in which Noah built an ark and filled it with animals, two of every kind, to ride out the great flood. In Bedtime on Noah’s Ark, Brock and Declan have taken a few liberties with this story in order to show us what a bedtime routine may have looked like for Noah and his animal friends!

The book opens with the animals gathered around Noah, listening carefully, and you can almost imagine him saying, “All right, everyone, it’s bedtime! What do you need to do first?” We watch the animals get clean and dry, struggle with their pajamas, receive help brushing their teeth… Everything that a child might relate to in his or her own bedtime routine! From there, the animals come together one more time to say prayers, kneeling “like a camel” and folding their “hands like a seal” to thank God for the day he gave them. Finally, they tuck under their covers and cozy up like their friends the turtles, giving each other fish kisses and polar bear hugs to round out their days. From beginning to end, it’s an endearing, soothing way to walk children through the important parts of getting ready for bed.

And Brock and Declan nailed a gentle bedtime pace, rolling enough to keep the story moving but soothing enough to make this a relaxing bedtime story. Yes, your children are bound to giggle, and potentially even more like the animal in the story do, but they’ll also relish the opportunity to share those giggles, movements, and hopefully rituals with their loving adults as a part of their bedtime routines.

You’ll also delight in the sweet illustrations from Lee Holland. Holland’s depictions show the animals as gentle and kind, always loving and never fierce. I love that Noah and his family are also shown helping the animals through their bedtime routines — and we laugh every time we see them donning their rain gear to help the animals dry off after bathtime!

Parents of small children, be sure to check Bedtime on Noah’s Ark out! Your children may act like animals during their bedtime routines, but I promise you it’ll be in the sweetest, most productive way possible!

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