Bobby Babinski’s Bathtub by Judy Young

If you’re a parent, then you’ve likely battled a child over bathtime at some point in your parenting career. And, as with most parts of a child’s day, did you know that people have written wonderful books for children about bathtime, helping to make bathtime fun and exciting for your reluctant bathers? Reminiscent of Chris Van Dusen’s If I Built books, Bobby Babinski’s Bathtub, written by Judy Young and illustrated by Kevin M. Barry, is one such book. Read on to see what makes this such a delightful celebration of taking a bath!

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Bobby Babinski does NOT want to take a bath. Fortunately for him, Papa Babinski is quite the engineer, ready to build a counterargument to every nit-picky reason that Bobby complains about his bath.

Bobby hates climbing into the tub (which is, indeed, significantly bigger than Bobby and likely hard to climb into). Not a problem for Papa, who quickly builds a loopity-loop, glippety-glide slide!

Bobby has no toys to play with. Papa to the rescue with a bucket of sea creatures!

Bobby then realizes he has no room to play with said sea creatures (I blame the whale…). Papa swoops in, fast as lightning, and digs the biggest outdoor bathtub Bobby (and the neighbors…) have ever seen!

Bobby’s and Papa’s fun continues until he’s clean, dry, and ready to put on his pajamas, but alas, who wants pajamas when you’ve got a bathtub that’s so fun? Bobby’s adventures are bound to set your children’s imaginations soaring as they conjure up their own dream bathtubs in their minds.

Also of note, Barry’s illustrations are bright and inviting, and Young’s rhythm and rhyme make this a delight to read aloud.

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