Our 2020-2021 School Year Mantra

Do you all have a little mantra or saying that you repeat to your children before school each day, to help keep their minds on what’s truly important while they’re at school (or learning from home…)? We started one last year (“Be brave, be kind, and have fun!”), but this year decided to involve the girls in creating our daily school mantra, with each of us adding one line. Keep reading to see what we tell the girls (and ourselves…) every morning before school, as well as how we’re tracking these behaviors to keep them at the forefront of our minds.

So, what do we tell the girls this year?

“Every day, we will… Be kind. Be brave. Be upstanders. Be joyous.”

We’ve got it posted on our refrigerator, to remind us to chat about it over breakfast and while we review the day at dinner. And, we’ve got it posted in the girls’ bathroom, so that they see it whenever they’re brushing their teeth or washing their hands.

We even borrowed an idea from the gratitude pumpkins we’ll all see floating around in November and have written our mantra on little white pumpkins! Throughout the day, when we realize we’ve done something that falls under one of our mantra categories, we can add it to the appropriate pumpkin, and as we chat about our days at dinner, we can add them then, too. This little centerpiece won’t last us all school year (obviously… It may not even last a few months…), but it’s a nice visual reminder while we have it!

So, what’s your school-day mantra in your house? Would you like to borrow ours? We’d be honored!

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