An Honest Review of Literati Kids Book Clubs — Round 1

Do you all know about the children’s book subscription box Literati? I was thrilled when they asked if we’d like to receive a few boxes in exchange for honest reviews of their services, even though we have plenty of books. Why was I so interested in checking out what Literati Kids had to offer?

They understand picky readers and have a try-before-you-buy approach to books! We all know that children are unique individuals, with unique tastes in books. Just because I like a book doesn’t mean my 2nd grader will like it, and just because she likes it doesn’t mean our 5-year-old will like it. Rather than paying for books you’ve never read before and aren’t sure if your children will like, Literati sends you 5 expertly curated books their team (including teachers!) chose to excite, educate, and inspire your young readers. But, if they don’t? You just send them back (with the included pre-paid shipping label) and only pay for what you keep!

Literati Kids serves kiddos ages 0-12 (you just let them know what ages and types of books you want when you sign up). In addition to 5 books, they also send book-related goodies, too. My older daughter was THRILLED to see the personalized bookplates! (They didn’t make it into the photo of the box because she immediately put them inside the books she received!). We also received reading-themed artwork and a magnetic bookmark (which she also loves).

Now, we tend to be swimming in books here, so it’s somewhat hard to find a book subscription service that sends us books we don’t have… But I’d never even heard of 3 of these! And the 2 that we have heard of (that I do already have) I actually decided to keep anyway, because the copies we have are from my classroom days and were, well, well-loved. I’m glad to have a fresh copy for my girls!

Though this was our first Literati Kids experience, I can already tell you we’ll be really excited when our next box shows up! My older daughter is almost through with her first book, and I’ve got 2 of these stacked up for upcoming family read alouds. 

If you’re interested in giving Literati Kids a try, click here for 25% off your first box! If that doesn’t work, copy and paste this link into your search:

A big thank you to Literati Kids for sharing this book box with our family in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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