My Family Builders Product Reviews

Earlier this summer, Vera, also known as The Tutu Teacher, briefly mentioned that she loves My Family Builders blocks. If you don’t follow Vera, her recommendations tend to be exceptional, so I of course immediately went to the My Family Builders website to see what these blocks were… And, they looked so wonderful that I bought the small set immediately! And, while on the website, I also decided to splurge for their Happy Family Card Game. Now, I’m here to tell you in an unbiased, unsponsored review that our whole family is absolutely thrilled that we now own these two products!

So, what exactly is a My Family Builders block set? These block sets are absolutely delightful, magnetic, mix-and-match blocks that allow you to build various people! Each set contains 3 types of blocks — heads, torsos, and legs/feet. These high-quality wooden toys feature clothing of a variety of styles and colors, as well as faces representing a diverse array of people, allowing for children to create whatever they want. Maybe he hasn’t seen a doll that looks like him? No big deal here, because he can create it! Maybe she’s having trouble finding people for her dollhouse that represent her family? Not an issue with My Family Builders, because she can make her own family! As I mentioned, we bought the smallest set, which comes with 16 pieces (8 faces, 4 torsos, and 4 legs/feet). I’d love to get a peek at the larger sets (they also come in 32 piece and 48 piece sets), because they must only be that much more diverse and representative of our wonderful communities!

And the game! For those of you who know us well or have followed me for a bit, you might remember that our older daughter really, really, really does not like to play games. Board games, card games, dice games… If given a choice, she’ll opt out every single time. But y’all, she LOVES the Happy Family Card Game! The cards come with directions that allow you to play two different ways; thus far, we’ve always played the “Go Fish” variation, and it’s a huge hit with all 4 of us. As with the blocks, the 7 families represented in this game are incredibly inclusive. When my non-game-playing children ask to play a game every single night, and that game promotes “teachable moments about race, cultural diversity, inclusion and stereotypes,” then I’d say that’s a win!

Have I convinced you yet to take a look at these products? I promise you won’t regret it!

Links for purchase go directly to the My Family Builders website and are NOT affiliate links. We just love the product that much!

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