Adventures in Kindness: 52 Awesome Kid Adventures for Building a Better World by Sophia and Carrie Fox

By now, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that we believe our most important job as parents is to help our children grow into kind, positive, and strong members of our community, and one of our favorite tools in this endeavor is children’s literature. So, when the team behind Adventures in Kindness: 52 Awesome Kid Adventures for Building a Better World reached out to see if I’d like to take a look at their book, I gave my standard, “I’ll happily take a look, though I can’t promise to feature it until we’ve received it and read it…” But this time, I figured this would be a book our family would love. And sure enough, we do! Read on to see what Adventures in Kindness, by mother-daughter duo Sophia and Carrie Fox, illustrated by Nichole Wong Forti, is all about!

All links go directly to the Adventures in Kindness website and are not affiliate links. Many thank you to the Adventures in Kindness team for sending us this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

As I mentioned above, Adventures in Kindness was written by a mother-daughter duo: Carrie, the mother, and Sophia, a fourth grader. As the Authors’ Note says, they came up with the idea “after having one too many conversations trying to make sense of mean acts.” Inspired to put a little more good in the world, they decided to create a list of good, kind acts that children can do, either independently or with the help of their families.

Adventures in Kindness contains kindness challenges, or adventures, one for each week of the year. Each adventure starts with a brief description of why the adventure is important, followed by what you would do to complete it. Then, the authors kindly included a list of what is needed to complete the adventure, including any adult help or supervision, supplies, time, and money.

In my opinion, two aspects of this book set it apart from other “do good” books that already exist. First, Sophia and Carrie included a journal page for every single activity. Recognizing the importance of not only doing good but also of reflecting on these acts and how they impacted not only others but also you, they wanted to give everyone space to do this reflection. This act of reflection is where important life-long change might begin!

Second, the Foxes divided Adventures in Kindness up into 9 different sections, including “Adventures for Your Health” and “Adventures for Your Mind.” I absolutely love that Sophia and Carrie consider self-care and self-love to be part of kindness. In fact, our girls chose one of the “Adventures for You Health” as our first family kindness challenge — Adventure #17: Drink More Water! Stay tuned for how that goes…

If this looks appealing to you, click the button below or use any of the links above to check it out for yourself. If you decide to purchase a copy, you can use the code “LITLOVE” for 20% off from now till August 15, 2020! As an added bonus, the Adventures in Kindness team is donating 10% of every book sold this August to the Manna Food Center in Maryland, to support their COVID relief efforts!

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