Most People by Michael Leannah

2020 has been a strange, long, hard year in many ways and for many people. Even in the easiest, most normal, most mundane of times, I love sharing books with my girls that remind us of all the goodness in the world. In fact, some of my earliest book recommendations on Instagram (before I even had a website!) were Be Kind, Good People Everywhere, and Because Amelia Smiled, books that highlight good people spreading goodness. Up today, I’ve got another one of our favorite books that reminds us of all the good around us: Most People, by Michael Leannah, illustrated by Jennifer E. Morris.

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Most People opens with a direct reminder that most people are, indeed, good people. But, Leannah doesn’t simply tell us that most people are good people. Rather, Leannah and Morris work together to show us what people do that makes them good. For example, when Leannah tells us most people want to help others, Morris also shows us numerous ways that people can help, from stopping to let someone cross the street, waving hello to friends, giving people directions, running with a bandaid when someone skins a knee… The conversations to be had around the good choices most people make abound! As Leannah reminds us, “Most people want to make other people — even strangers — feel good.”

What sets Most People apart from similar picture books I’ve read, however, is the fact that Leannah directly addresses the fact that some people do bad things. (But, notice that he doesn’t call them “bad people.” Rather, these are simply people who have made a bad choice or two…). He reminds us that though some people might lie, steal, hurt, or destroy, “most people don’t do those things.” At times, it can feel like most of the world does indeed make these poor choices, but that’s in fact far from the truth, and I’m so grateful Leannah’s book can remind my family of what is good and true about the world around us.

While all of that indeed makes Most People worth reading and rereading, what I love most about Most People is the reminder that even the people who do bad things can change. Because they aren’t inherently bad people, they can start to make good choices instead, because “there is a seed of goodness inside them, waiting to sprout.” And, we can help that seed to sprout by choosing kindness, by finding a way to help those people be happy, smile, and laugh.

If you’re excited about Most People, you can use the affiliate links below to purchase a copy for your home or classroom library. And, whenever the world throws you off, remember that “most people in the world know that most people are very good.”

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