Quick Writing Activity to Boost Neighborhood Morale

A few weeks ago, I wrote a quick post with some easy ways to build literacy and writing skills in this time at home. In that post, I shared our “Have a Great Day!” sign that has been hanging on our front porch for close to two months now. Close to two months, and people still walk by, point and smile, stop to tell us how much they love it, and sometimes even take a picture of it! Today, I’ve got another porch sign for you to make — a sign thanking all your delivery people for their hard work and service.

While I wish I could take credit for this one, our family was inspired to make this sign for our front door on a walk around our neighborhood about a month ago. Walking a different route than our normal evening walks, we happened by a house that had a similar front door sign. My husband and I turned to each other at almost the same time and said, “Oh man, let’s make one of those for our house!” So, that weekend, we did just that.

The girls told me what the sign should say, I outlined the letters, and then they colored the letters and decorated the sign. Remember that simple things like this are terrific ways to make writing authentic (be sure to check out this post for the importance of giving children an audience for their writing), and yes, it even counts if they’re dictating! Coloring in words that adults have written is also a terrific way for prewriters to build their letter recognition and begin to associate groups of letters with the words that they represent.

Our sign has been hanging proudly on our front door for about a month, and just like our first porch sign, our delivery appreciation sign receives an incredible amount of positive feedback. In fact, just this week an Instacart delivery person sent me an additional message when she dropped our food off, saying thank you for the sign and letting me know how much she appreciates our thought.

What fun writing activities have you done to boost neighborhood morale?

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