Agent Lion by David Soman and Jacky Davis

Are you gravitating towards light, silly reads with your children these days? I know two of our favorite books to read around here lately have been King Hugo’s Huge Ego and The Mouse and the Motorcycle, our family read aloud, and it definitely feels good to pick up those books that sweep us to another place that’s bound to put a smile on our faces. Today, I bring you another one of those recent favorites: Agent Lion by David Soman and Jacky Davis.

From the creators of the Ladybug Girl series comes Agent Lion, the laugh-inducing story of a private detective who is apparently one of the best in the business… Though an astute reader (or even a four-year-old) might debate with the detective agency on that one! A call from Ms. Chief interrupts Agent Lion one day while he’s hard at work… or maybe hardly working… But either way, he’s sent off on the important task of finding Ms. Flamingo’s cat, Fluffy.

The ensuing events are bound to make even the hardest of hearts smile. Agent Lion asks ridiculous questions, follows laughable leads, and gets thrown off track by amusing (and delectable) diversions such as jelly donuts and cake. Ms. Flamingo eventually loses her patience with Agent Lion (though she makes it much longer than I would!), and the mystery is solved in a most unexpected way.

Yes, the story of Agent Lion will make you laugh. But these illustrations bring just as much humor and joy as the narrative! Soman includes many clever details in his illustrations that ensure the rereads (and you’re bound to reread this one… over and over again… if your children are anything like ours!) to be just as entertaining as the first time through. A whole story could be told through the characters’ facial expressions alone!

If you’re looking for a new title to use to lighten your quarantine mood, look no further than Agent Lion. I guarantee it to be a hit in your house!

If you’d like to purchase Welcome to the Party through my affiliate links (Amazon and IndieBound), click the buttons below! All other links for purchase in this post are Amazon Affiliate links. A big thank you to Harper Kids for sharing this book with our family in exchange for an honest review.

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