Taking a Break for Spring Break

Hello, all! This week is technically spring break for our girls. We were supposed to travel to see extended family, but we’re obviously staying put instead. Rather than venture cross-country and spend time with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents… We’ll venture around the block and hunker down, just the four of us.

And I’m not going to lie, our honeymoon period of sheltering in place and schooling at home definitely ended last weekend. We had some long, rough days and some wonderful days. And I had many moments where I realized that I am trying to accomplish way too much in this new and different season. I kept all of the to-dos I had already filled in my planner for the last month, while also adding the to-dos that come with keeping up with things these days (does anyone else feel like having everyone in your house all day, every day means that you ALWAYS have a sink full of dishes, even if you just washed them???). I had originally planned to take this week off of posting and social media to spend our travels focused on our family and our visits, and I’m going to stick to that plan!

I’m hoping to be mostly disconnected this week. If I get a chance, I might repost some booklists that might be helpful to you all, but I also might not. While I’m off, I’m also hoping to rethink my posting calendar for April and May, as I’m thinking of switching some things around and taking some posts off of my plate to allow me to be more fully present in my family.


In the meantime, we’ll be reading a lot of Chris Van Dusen (because light and bright is needed right now), learning about wildcats (the girls’ choice), and PLAYING. Oh, and we just finished A Bear Called Paddington last night and are looking for a new chapter book read aloud. Drop your favorites in the comments so I can gather ideas.

Have a great week!


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