A Quick and Easy Literacy (and “P.E.”) Activity for Different Ages

I’m coming at you today with an incredibly short and sweet way to combine your quarantine home-school literacy learning a P. E. class– the alphabet scavenger hunt! Brainchild of my amazing husband, this alphabet scavenger hunt reinvigorated family enthusiasm for our daily morning walk around the block AND helped the girls practice some of their reading and writing skills! Read on for a very brief description of this amazing family project.

First, grab some blank paper and clipboards (for more on how much we love clipboards in our house, please see this post!). Depending on the ages of your children, you’ll give them different tasks:

  • Our four-and-a-half year old wrote down the letters of the alphabet (to the best of her ability). Her scavenger hunt was going to be reading street signs, license plates, and any other words she saw to find every letter of the alphabet.
  • Our six-and-a-half year old also wrote down the letters of the alphabet, but we tasked her with finding items that started with each letter of the alphabet (such as “car” for “C”).

Then, head out on your walk (make sure the kids take their pencils, papers, and clipboards!)! We did this on a weekend, so my husband and I split the girls up for some one-on-one time with them, but this is easily feasible to do with multiple children at once. As we walked around the block, our younger daughter crossed letters off of her list as she saw them, and our older daughter wrote the words down next to the corresponding letters as she saw various items (or people).

Easy peasy way to get moving, get some fresh air, develop some literacy, and come back with an amazing sense of pride!

What other extremely easy learning-at-home ideas do you have? Please share in the comments so we can all benefit!


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