A Tribute to Tomie dePaola

We lost one of the greats yesterday, a storyteller beloved to many generations.

Do you have a favorite dePaola title from his more than 260 amazing contributions? My girls fell in love with Tomie dePaola’s stories through Strega Nona, which I also fondly remember from childhood, but some of our other dePaola favorites also include his Christmas stories, Bible treasuries, and his recent title Quiet.


As you may know, we’ve been blessed to inherit an amazing collection of children’s books from my childhood next-door neighbor (and first grade teacher!). This lovely soul is also a huge Tomie dePaola fan (I probably also got my love of his work from her as a child!), and one of the boxes of books she sent this spring was full of his works, many signed! We cherished those treasures when they arrived but feel even more grateful to have them now.

Our prayers are with those mourning Tomie dePaola right now.


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