In a Garden by Tim McCanna

Do you know Tim McCanna’s books? If not, then you should! McCanna’s use of rhythm, language, and delightful storylines make all of his books huge hits in our house with both children and adults. And now he has a new book out! Read on to learn all about why we love In a Garden by Tim McCanna, illustrated by Aimée Sicuro.

“In a garden / on a hill / sparrows chirp / and crickets trill” begins our year-long adventure through changes that happen in a neighborhood garden atop a hill in a city. We begin with the seed, sitting on the ground, and end with the next spring, when life is a new beginning. In between, both the garden and the families celebrate the change and growth that comes with new seasons throughout the year. We rejoice in the emergence of seedlings and flowers, the journeys of slugs and snails, journeys through natural elements and growing families, and connection and community. And all this written in neatly packaged verse means that this is a delight to read aloud!

Honestly, any children’s book that incorporates words such as “trill,” “scuttle,” “frantic,” “dainty,” “aglo,” “lacewings,” and more, and still read in a light-hearted, fun, and modern way is a win to my ears! Be sure to read through “How Does a Garden Grow?” in the backmatter for child-friendly information about the ecosystems of gardens and all the work, from all the critters, that make them grow!

I’d be remiss to tell you about In a Garden without addressing how beautiful these illustrations are! Using watercolor, charcoal, and ink, Sicuro fills (most of) the pages with color and life. Even the endpapers are brimming with color! Seriously, I feel like I want a print of those flowers hanging in our house! And when winter hits, Sicuro manages to fill an almost-all-white page with emotion and movement. Simply stunning!


Do you have a favorite Tim McCanna book? We also love Teeny Tiny Trucks, Watersong, Boing! A Very Noisy ABC, and Jack B. Ninja!

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