Where Happiness Lives by Barry Timms, illustrated by Greg Abbott

Okay, I had slated Where Happiness Lives by Barry Timms, illustrated by Greg Abbott, to share today a few months ago… But now that most of us are mostly homebound for a while, it seems even more important to share today! Timms and Abbott give us a beautiful reminder to look inside our homes to see exactly what makes them so amazing, a reminder many of us might need over these next few weeks. Read on for a glimpse inside, and then remind yourself, “Whatever your home, it is happy indeed… If you love what you have… and you have what you need.”

Written in easy rhythm and rhyme and including engaging cutouts to peek through and flaps to lift, Where Happiness Lives just begs to be read snuggled up with your little ones. And, while it’s definitely a book they’ll enjoy, Where Happiness Lives is a book that will touch your heart and remind you of what’s truly important —  being surrounded by those that you love and having just what you need.

Where Happiness Lives is the story of a mouse whose life is terrific, filling his “sweet little home” with his family and their memories. His home is “perfect for [him]” until he spies a larger house while out walking. Assuming he’d be happier in this bigger house, he chats it up with the mouse who lives there… A mouse who was also content until the day he spied a mansion on top of a hill. The duo assume that the owner of that house must be the happiest mouse, because she has more. But, it turns out, the house she most wants to live in is the “sweet little home” from the beginning, because she can tell that true happiness lives there.


And these delightful illustrations! Abbott makes masterful use of flaps and cutouts not only to add to the story, but to keep the action moving along. His use of colors and detail will entice young readers to spend time with each page, and you’ll love the detail.


Are you spending lots of time in your house these days? Maybe so much time that you’re wishing you had more? More space, more products, more organization, more decoration? Maybe you need Where Happiness Lives, then, to remind you that you might just have all that you need already!

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