An Easy Way to Receive Just Right Books for Your Child

When I was in the classroom, one of my favorite parts of our reading workshop program was assessing my students’ “just right” reading levels and helping them find high-interest, accessible books to read. Now that we have a reader in our house, I am confident that my teaching background gives me a general understanding of what her independent reading level is and helps me find appropriate books for her to read. But, I understand most parents don’t have the benefit of this professional background when helping their children find books (as is evidenced by the frequent questions I get from followers who need help finding books for their children). That is why I am thrilled to introduce you all to Just Right Reader, a company that will not only help parents figure out their children’s “just right” reading levels, but also send books at these reading levels to the children!


So, what is Just Right Reader? Just Right Reader is a company born from an educator-parent who struggled to understand how to help her struggling reader get to grade level. After a lot of thinking and research, she was able to determine her daughter’s “just right” reading level (*** based on the Fountas & Pinnell guided reading levels) AND find books for her daughter to read. With this new stash of “just right” and accessible books to read, her daughter was able to practice reading comfortably and is now reading just where she should be!

When you subscribe to Just Right Reader, they’ll use a series of questions to determine your child’s reading level. If you’d like, they’ll even do an “in person” reading assessment (over the computer) with your child to get a more targeted and accurate idea of reading level. They’ll then send a box of 5-7 “just right” books, a parent guide to Just Right Reading, and a Reading Toolkit for your child. When we received our box, our Reading Toolkit included not only sight words and reading tracking charts, but also a superhero mask and cape and special reading flashlight, motivating my older daughter to read like a superhero and increase her enjoyment of reading! My daughter was beyond thrilled to get a whole package of books and reading goodies just for her and happily worked her way through all seven books she received.

After you receive your first shipment, Just Right Reader asks for feedback about the books, so that they can adjust the level to make them even more targeted for your child. When your reader is done with the books, you simply drop them into the prepaid shipping package to mail back to Just Right Reader. Once they receive your books, they’ll pack up the next box to send to your child. It’s that easy!

Just Right Reader currently works with children from preschool to second grade, sending either “Budding Readers” or “Early Readers” boxes, depending on reading level.

If you’re interested in trying Just Right Reader, you can use the coupon code “LITLOVE” for $10 off of your first delivery! They’ll even waive the $10 additional fee for the “in person” reading assessment when you let them know you heard about them from me!

Do you feel confident understanding what level your child is reading, as well as helping him to find books on or close to that level? Would you be interested in an awesome service like this?



*** As a teacher, my schools all used the Fountas & Pinnell reading levels, so these are the levels I still think about when thinking of just right books and how accessible books are for various readers. I am able to find this “F&P” reading level for most books by simply running an internet search of the book title and the words “guided reading level.” ***

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