Four Terrific Halloween Activity Books

One of the best things about the month of October is all of the arts and crafts! Fall and Halloween are just ripe with opportunities for creative, messy, sensory, STEAM, etc play! But, some days (or lets be honest, some weeks or even months) I just don’t have it together to find materials that the girls might use for a creative seasonal or holiday exploration. Fortunately for me and all of you, companies have made some really great Halloween activity books, chock full of growth, learning, and creative opportunities. Keep reading to see four of our favorite Halloween activity books!

Paint by Sticker Kids: Halloween — My older daughter LOVES the Paint by Sticker Kids series. She has done all of these activity books over the past few years, some of them two or three times. So, you can bet I was excited to see a Halloween book! I got one for each girl, and though I haven’t given it to them yet, I know they’re going to love it. In this series, kids create sticker mosaics by matching numbered stickers to numbered sections of a picture. You’ve got number recognition, memory, fine motor, and more… Looks like Workman Publishing has made a Christmas one, too, so I’ll definitely be ordering that to have on hand in December!

Monster Magic Wipe-Off Activity Book — We bought this one last year, as I love having dry erase books to take to restaurants and use over and over again. (My girls color A LOT and go through A LOT of paper). Monster Magic comes with 4 dry erase markers and each page reads almost like a short story, asking the reader to do something with the markers and then giving a prompt that encourages them to erase the page again (such as, “Munch, munch, gulp, he ate all the cookies!”). I really like that the reader might erase his work as he goes, as sometimes dry erase ink can be really hard to get off if it sits for days/weeks/a year till next Halloween, and our newly iindependent reader can do this one on her own this year!

Wipe Clean Spooky Halloween Activities — This is a new addition to our collection this year, and I got so excited about it that I bought one for each girl. Part dry-erase activity book, part sticker book, this one has mazes, hidden pictures, open-ended coloring activities, and more! Your kiddo is bound to have a great time without realizing how much cognitive and fine motor practice she might be getting. Priddy Books also put an answer key in the back, so if even you get stuck on the “Missing Letters” riddle, you and your child can figure it out!

Create-a-Face Halloween Night Sticker Play — We’ve had a few books like over the years, and both of my girls love making these silly faces every time we get a new one. Yes, making the silly faces is a lot of fun, but it’s also fascinating to watch the cognitive processes of moving from needing your creation to look like something real to being able to think abstractly and having fun doing something random. And, once again, peeling and sticking stickers is great motor work! While I bought this particular one on Amazon this year, I picked up a very similar Halloween faces sticker book at Costco last year, so be sure to check the book section next time you’re there for a really good deal on some seasonal fun!

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*** All links provided are Amazon Affiliate links, earning me a small amount of money each time you choose to make a purchase from one of my links.

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