Sun by Sam Usher

Does it feel like summer yet where you live? While we thought summer had arrived early back in April, we’ve had an unusually cold and rainy month of May, and we’re expecting more cold, rainy weather this weekend… but it looks like a big chunk of the country may be very, very hot for Memorial Day! Whether you’re trying to stay cool by reading inside, or wishing summer weather would arrive, Sun by Sam Usher may be the perfect book for you this weekend!

The 3rd of a 4-book (so far) series, Sun brings us back to the world of Granddad and the red-headed narrator grandchild, embarking on a perfect sunny-day adventure. We watch as they prepare their “necessary provisions” for the picnic that Granddad suggests, and then we see them off to find the perfect picnic spot. Usher’s illustrations are delightfully detailed (you could easily spend significant time talking about what they deemed necessary to take on this picnic and why… and what you’d take), the repeated text gives a sense of comfort and predictability in an otherwise unpredictable story, and the tender relationship between Granddad and grandchild makes us all yearn for that in our lives.

Throughout the story, Usher allows us to use our own discernment to figure out what may have actually happened on their picnic adventure, and what they’re imagining is happening. They may have climbed hills and walked across sunny fields, but did they really walk for miles? Did they really find pirates and help them prepare their picnic? Maybe they met some friends and pretended to be pirates. Maybe it was all in their imagination! Wherever the line is, I see Sun being wonderful inspiration for summertime adventures and creativity!

Publishers recommend Sun for ages 3-8.

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