Page 1 Kids Ambassador Finale

Do your kids love to read nonfiction? Mine don’t… at all. I know there are children who devour informational texts, flipping through those books for hours, taking in the photographs, diagrams, and facts… But not my children! Every now and then, they might request a picture book biography, but I think it’s much more for the story and much less because it’s something real about a real person. And there are SO MANY wonderful nonfiction books for children, even really young children, these days!

So, for my last Page One Kids book request, I asked for a really engaging, inviting nonfiction book… And, once again, they nailed it, sending us The Big Book of Bugs by Yuval Zommer! In fact, over the weekend, my almost-6-year-old actually asked me to read her 2 different sections of it! Now, to be clear, the book is 63 pages long, and we read 4 pages, but it was by her request, so I’ll consider it a win!

One of the pages she requested to read…

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And, continue below for more photos of this wonderful informational book for children, complete with table of contents, glossary, AND index!

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