When I Was A Child, I Was Always Afraid by Michael Cascio

A few months ago, I posted a list of our favorite books about fear and worry… And that’s obviously a topic you all want books to help you address in your homes or classrooms, because that’s been one of my most popular posts on Instagram!

Long before I wrote that post, author Michael Cascio sent me his book When I Was a Child, I Was Always Afraid to share with you all if I felt so compelled. Admittedly, I received his book just before the holidays, and between the holidays, school breaks, and other books and lists I had already planned to share in the first part of 2019, his book got pushed to the bottom of my stack… And then I read it a few weeks ago and knew immediately that I wanted to share it with you all too! So, consider this to be an addendum to my fear and worry list!

Cascio wrote this book based on his own experience as a child, when he was constantly fearful of things around him. This personal experience really comes through in the authenticity of writing about fear. You can tell he is writing about something that touches close to home, something he’s felt before, and therefore something he feels very strongly about helping children through today. Additionally, Cascio nails the rhyme and rhythm of his book, impressive for a debut author!

When I made my initial fear/worry list, I looked hard for books that either addressed physical feelings often associated with those emotions (tummyaches, butterflies in stomaches, avoidance behaviors) or strategies to help children overcome those emotions. I love the strategy Cascio address here, as we watch his father help him work through these feelings by encouraging him to talk to an adult, an adult who can help him understand exactly what scares him (for example, what is it that is causing the shadow on the wall?). Cascio’s own father helped him to face his fears in order to understand them better, so that he could begin to believe, deep in his heart, that those things weren’t scary after all.

Thank you, Michael Cascio, for sending me When I Was a Child, I Was Always Afraid. Thank you for sharing it with many children in the same boat out there. Thank you for using your experience to help others (both children who are fearful AND adults helping those children with fears!) develop strategies to address fear and worry that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

If you liked this book:

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