Page 1 Kids 3-Month Subscription Giveaway

Ok, everyone, you’re going to want to read this and then head to my Instagram page to enter– I’ve got a 3-month subscription to Page 1 Kids to give to one of you!

As you may have seen on my Instagram page over the last few months, back in January I applied to be, and was accepted to be, a Page 1 Kids ambassador. That meant that I received a 3-month subscription to receive their book boxes in exchange for sharing our honest thoughts and feelings on the service.

And, I gotta tell you… After receiving our first box, I was sold! One of the aspects of Page 1 Kids that makes them stand out from other children’s book subscription services (of which there are many, these days!) is that you can communicate specific requests, requirements, wishes, and/or needs with them, and they’ll find a book to fulfill what you’ve communicated!

Our First Page 1 Kids Book Box

For my first box, I didn’t take advantage of this personalization. I just wanted to see what the service was like and then tweak going forward. But, even without me sending any information about what we wanted, they were able to use our basic profile information (ages of reader(s), interests of readers, reading level) to curate our box. And they nailed it! They sent us A New Year’s Reunion, a wonderful story about Chinese New Year, a holiday for which we didn’t previously have any books. And, we read this book multiple times a day, every day, until I put it away with our other seasonal books for next year. In fact, I took it back out a few weeks ago to take a picture of it, and we read it again, multiple times a day, for multiple days, until I put it back away. Thanks, Page 1 Kids, for expanding our world in a way that I didn’t even realize we were missing!

Our Second Page 1 Kids Book Box

Based on their wonderful selection without any specific requests, I decided to test them. For our second box, I emailed in a specific request, asking for a book that showed characters dressed in hijabs. This time, they sent us Under My Hijab, a book that had actually been in my Amazon wish list for months! I was, once again, thrilled– and once again, we read this story on repeat until it got put away with our latest book rotation!

My last box should come sometime in the next week or two… This time, I sent the following request:

“I’d love some really interesting nonfiction. We’ve got some good picture book biographies (but my girls are still so young that it’s hard for them to understand that those are real stories that actually happened, so while they love reading them it’s a little different than what I have in mind) as well as some basic animal books (like the National Geographic early readers type…), but no interesting, creative nonfiction that gets my girls excited to read about something and want to pour over the book again and again or learn more.”

I cannot WAIT to see what they send us! I’ll be sure to update you all as soon as we receive our last Page 1 Kids box, because I’m sure it’ll be amazing!


So, why choose Page 1 Kids over another book subscription service?

The personalization! What I didn’t realize when applying to be an ambassador was how personalized each recipient’s book box would be… It wasn’t until after I received our first book box and I saw Page 1 Kids posting pictures of books that other subscribers had received that I realized just how much care and time they put into each and every book choice. The books we received were vastly different from each other and highly curated based on the needs that we had given, whether really specific (such as with my second box) or simply based on general information about the readers (like with our first box). What a wonderful way to expand your library with books specifically chosen for your readers!

What do you get in a Page 1 Kids book box?

  • Books hand-chosen just for the readers, based on age and preferences (and any specific requests you might have!)
  • A fun little treat — our February box came with some Valentine’s stickers and pencils, while our March box came with a little flower pot and seeds!
  • A note from your Book Fairy
  • A Page 1 Kids bookmark — this has, believe it or not, been VERY popular in our house. My girls have actually fought over who gets the bookmark!

This sounds awesome! How do I enter your giveaway?

Visit my Instagram page! My giveaway starts today and runs through Tuesday, April 2, 2019. The winner will receive a 3-month subscription to Page 1 Kids, worth $60!

Best of luck– I hope YOU win!

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