The Poppy Music Series by Magali Le Huche

A few weeks ago, a friend and her family came to visit for the morning, and her adorable 2-year-old daughter brought some of her favorite books to show my girls. Of course, that’s delightful in and of itself (don’t you just love kids that want to talk about their favorite books without prompting???), but made even more wonderful by the fact that this series was completely new to me!

Written and illustrated by Magali Le Huche, the Poppy music series takes young readers on adventures through appropriate European cities (at least in the books we’ve read from the series) while introducing them to composers and their great works. Each Poppy storybook pictured above includes excerpts from 11 works from both Mozart and Vivaldi.

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And, what you need to know is that the sound quality here is actually quite impressive! I tend to steer clear of noise-making books because either I feel like the stories are just silly or I feel like the sounds can be annoying or hard on the ears. But these tunes are crisp, clear, and pleasant to listen to, not to mention educational! I’ve actually caught my girls humming Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” and Mozart’s “A Little Night Music” since we received our copies 2 weeks ago.

Oh, and the buttons are easy to push— nothing is more frustrating to a 3-year-old than having to stab repeatedly at something they know should make noise when it won’t! (Check out the video below!)

In addition to the musical phrases, Le Huche also includes whimsical sound effects (denoted by buttons with a fun scribble as opposed to a music note). These noises just add to the multi-sensory experience of learning about these European cities!

So, tell me— are you a fan of books that make noise or not? Would you be willing to check these out?

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