Good News! It’s Easter! by Glenys Nellist, PLUS a Giveaway!

If you were following me in December, you may have noticed that I absolutely love ‘Twas the Evening of Christmas by Glenys Nellist. She reached out to me around the same time and asked if I’d be interested in participating in a “blog hop” to help promote her newest book, Good News! It’s Easter!, and given how wonderful ‘Twas the Evening of Christmas is, I knew this would be a gem too. I eagerly said yes, and I’m here to tell you that this book doesn’t disappoint!

Good News! It’s Easter! released last Wednesday, not coincidentally on the first day of Lent, 2019! This adorable book aims to help children rectify what they see in the world around them as spring begins with the Christian meaning of the Easter holiday, as we celebrate Jesus’s resurrection and the hope we receive through new life in Him. Not only is this book adorable, but it’s completely relatable, too!

Opening with the words “GOOD NEWS!”, this joyous refrain is repeated on every page, as nature celebrates new life and growth with the arrival of springtime. We see the tulip rejoicing that she sprung from the ground, the Bunny delighting in his ability to hop higher than before, and the Monarch reveling that she grew from caterpillar to “one who flies and sings!” Children understand this. They see this every year when springtime arrives. They learn about caterpillars becoming butterflies in school. They plant seeds and watch them grow. They may even have tadpoles that they nurture till they become frogs.

But Jesus’s resurrection is much harder to understand. We can’t touch it, nor can we see the act as it happens. Glenys beautiful connects this miracle to the more “everyday” miracles that children can see, touch, and understand; the last bit of “GOOD NEWS!” that she includes is indeed Jesus’s resurrection, that he has come “to live and love and save!”

The illustrations, by Lizzie Walkley, are happy, welcoming, and comforting, perfect for the target audience. And Glenys nailed the rhyming scheme, which shouldn’t be surprising given the way she beautifully reworked ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas when creating ‘Twas the Evening of Christmas. I am thrilled to be adding this to our collection of Easter books and can’t wait to read it (multiple times, I’m sure) over the course of the Lenten season.

If you’ve got a baby or small child and you’re looking for a faith-based Easter book to deepen her understanding of Easter as Christ’s resurrection, then Good News! It’s Easter! is the book for you! You can purchase it here. But, even better, guess what??? I’ve partnered with Glenys and the book’s publisher, Discovery House, to run a giveaway for this book! To enter, be sure to stop by my Instagram page. You’ll find entry instructions there.

And, please visit Glenys’s website, for more information on this and all of her books. If you’re looking for another wonderful Easter resource to point slightly older children towards the true meaning of Easter, check out Glenys’s Easter Love Letters from God (written for ages 5-10). We don’t have this particular book, but we do have her Little Love Letters from God, and it’s delightful, so I’m sure this one is, too!

Next stop in the “blog hop” is Deborah Flora from A Delightful Glow. Be sure to check out her review coming next Monday, and if you don’t win my giveaway this week, never fear– she’ll have a giveaway to come as well!


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