Am I a Visible or Invisible Role Model?

All of the research on reading engagement AND performance points to the fact that one of the most important factors in raising readers is that they have parents who model loving to read.

Yet… I’m not sure I could call myself a reading role model. My girls barely see me reading (or, infrequently see me reading something other than a kids’ book…). If I read, I read on an iPad or while they’re sleeping, so they rarely see me deeply attending to an actual, physical book. And as someone who has spent lots of time immersing myself in literacy research, both as a teacher and now as a parent and literacy educator, this doesn’t sit well with me.

My girls are off of school next week. I had planned long ago to take next week off of Instagram, deleting the app just as I did for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But, I’m setting a goal to go farther. Next week, I hope to read physical books for myself (both fiction and nonfiction, both for pleasure and education), and to let my girls see me reading.

Who wants to join me?

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