Tacos! An Interactive Recipe Book by Lotta Nieminen

My youngest turned three at the end of September and received so many wonderful books for her birthday. I am slowly working through reviewing those books, and today’s book is the perfect follow-up for my post on engaging reluctant readers. Tacos! An Interactive Recipe Book illustrated by Lotta Nieminen is a terrifically fun cookbook for kids!

Tacos! gives kids an actual recipe they can follow to make tacos for a family of 4! It’s brightly illustrated and easy to follow, so independent readers could handle this themselves (with proper cooking supervision, of course!). With a little help, kids who aren’t yet reading may be able to follow this recipe as well, because the illustrations can almost serve as stand-alone steps to follow.

Though the illustrations are delightful and the recipe easy, what really makes this “cookbook” unique is that it’s also interactive! Almost every page has a wheel to turn or a flap to lift… One even has a knife you can pop out and pretend to chop with, and another has a tortilla you can take out and fold like you would a real taco.IMG_0824.jpeg

Reading recipes is a wonderful way to engage children in a non-traditional literature format, and it can provide many children with the real-world context they need to solidify understanding of mathematical concepts like fractions.

This book is a part of a series— you can bet we’ll be checking out the other titles about pizza, cookies, and pancakes!

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