A Little About Me

The above photo is one my wonderful husband snapped when he got home from work one day last week, and it’s truly typical in our house and not staged! 

I am a former third grade teacher (10 year in the classroom, almost all in third grade) turned stay-at-home mother to two amazing girls (ages 5 and almost 3). When I was in the classroom, my husband would frequently ask when my classroom library would be finished… Umm, as long as they keep making new and wonderful books, it’ll never be finished!

Now as a mom, I still love reading, enjoying, and learning from books as much as I ever did. My friends and family frequently ask for book recommendations or help with literacy development and understanding, so I thought a website like this would be an easy way to share and archive my thoughts. 

Welcome to my website, and thanks for following me on this journey! Below, please comment with any topics or ideas around which you’d love some book recommendations!

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